Friday, February 18, 2011

We Become the Conrollers.

Competition in the technological world is becoming tougher and tougher. One company produces one thing; and the other must continuously try to out do them, and produce something better. It's all about money, and they are becoming greedy to be the best in the gamer world. Though they might not realize what they are doing to our society.
In my opinion the more we advance technology the more we advance laziness and obesity. The new 'x-box kinect' is a perfect example of what I am trying to bring forth. It is extremely useful to not have a remote to have to search or have to continuously have to change the batteries in your controllers, instead, we become the controller. A simple hand gesture will show us a variety of different channels and games. It's effective, simple and extremely lazy. We are proving that it's okay to not get off the couch, why would you if all you had to use was your hand gestures or your voice?
Sure, advancing technology is a excellent thing, and will only help us grow, but how is this advancement effecting us, and the upcoming generations? What happens to those of us with computer based jobs? How is all this advancement going to affect them? If we asked the creator's of these new games if they have thought what they are doing to the work world, what would they say? How would they answer all these questions, Would they be able to explain themselves?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Sixth Sense.

Today; being 'Fun Friday' , we have been asked to watch videos based on numerous technology improvements, and then write a blog entry on what we had learned. We were shown basically how the sixth sense, and a multi-touch screen works; and given a brief explanation on some of the apps involved with it. But, what the user failed to present was how the new advanced technology will change our schools and our societies.
The school I attend is very technology based, and most of our work is done on computers. Even throughout elementary we are taught briefly on how to work and understand our computers. Our societies have already become extremely involved with technology that most kids and young adults day revolves around it. We are loosing touch with our grammar and communication skills; that we already lack.
Maybe I am looking at it from the wrong perspective, these objects might improve efficiency, and quicken our work. Possibly even encourage kids at school to work harder because of the simplicity of how easy this new technology is to use.
But, though we may be willing to learn and purchase new technology, we are becoming completely dependent on technology based objects. People already have major issues with our overuse of cellular devices and Ipods, wouldn't this new advancement just cause more problems? At our school, we have spend most of this semester being lectured on our cell phone problem. They say that though they are efficient, we over use them in inappropriate times. If we currently are overusing and becoming to depended on this, wouldn't with new advancements in technology just increase are problems even more?