Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rosenheim Poltergeist

In 1967, a law office,  a place called Rosenheim suddenly started receiving mysterious phone calls with no answer on the other end, lights in the building started to act strangely- they would swing on their own accord, and turn on and off. Soon, the workplace photocopier started to leak for no apparent reason. Eventually, the office cut of all power and used a standalone generator to get electricity, the strange phenomenon continued.
People began catching wind of all the strange going on's, and began interviewing and doing research. Upon interviewing, they came across a teenager- Anne-Marie, they concluded that she was highly strung out, and  very emotional (had repressed anger and disliked her work and employer).
Researchers began to notice that the phenomenon only started at certain times of they day, coincidentally when she was working. They noted that as soon as she stepped in the office, the strange happenings started, and as soon as she left, it ceased.
Anne-Marie left her job soon after, and the phenomenon in the office stopped completely. It was documented that she had several other jobs in which the strange electrical problems followed her.
Researchers and Investigators never learned weather it was simply a hoax or a real life poltergeist case. But what makes this case so fascinating was it can't be explained if Anne-Marie was so troubled she could have created this herself. Also, it was one of the most documented Poltergeist cases on record and not just by one group, by electricians, telephone repairmen, physicists and researchers. All to which could not really pinpoint the root cause.
Unlike most Poltergeist stories I have read- that haunt specific places or houses. This certain case picked a person, and stayed with her. Weather it be her creating it as a hoax, or an actual happening. The answer is still unknown.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Danny, 7

Jason Cobb purchased a used vintage bed at an auction, in 1998- A purchase he later regretted. Three nights later, Jason told his parents that he felt as though someone has planted their elbows on his pillow and was watching him, breathing cold air down his back. Later, he began noticing that the picture of his deceased grandmother was flipped down, after he righted it, it was flipped back down again. Trying to make sense of the irritation, people began jokingly calling out 'Do we have a Casper in here? Tell me your name and how old you are?'
Before leaving the room he left some paper and crayons on the bed, only to come back fifteen minutes later to find in childlike block letters 'Danny, 7"
The spirit was willing to communicate, and through questioning, 'Danny' indicated that his mother had died in the bed, and that he wanted to stay with it. Danny, not wanting anyone to sleep in the bed began to get irritated, but the family didn't get the memo. When a Terra cotta head that had been hanging on the wall came flying through the room, just missing Jason before it hit the closet door, the famiily was left unable to understand what they were dealing with.
The family didn't know what to believe about who was leaving the conspicuous notes, moving the furniture, opening drawers, setting the kitchen table, and rearranging posters to spell out a person's name.
Knowone new what to believe, if it was the bed, or the electromagnetic energy that the wall was creating; or if they were all just outside of someone elses foolish joke. Either way, their story is known now a a famous poltergeist case; and is easily accessible for others to read about, and post their own opinions. Weather it is true or not; or just a joke, was never completely solved.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Light of the Moon.

A single raindrop can raise the ocean; One person can make a difference.
Patrick Henry Hughes is a remarkable man, born without eyes, or the ability to fully straighten his arms and legs. He describes his disability as not one at all, and overcame it through music.
In the darkness of his eyes, and the sweetness of his music, when Patrick Hughes plays it is the sound of promise. Patrick joined the Louisville Marching band, playing the trumped while his father pushed him in his wheelchair. His commitment and heart attracted crowds and the media throughout his marching band season; he became an inspiration to those around him. When they hear him play, they don't see a boy in a wheelchair, they see the never ending possibilities and a boy with no obstacles, and what we can accomplish if we want to make a difference.
Today, Partick travels the nation with his dad, sharing his story of overcoming, breaking barriers, seeing what's on the inside, and achiving more then you though possible.
'Sure, we're not going to play baseball together, but we can play music together- Patrick's able bodied father.